Research Associates and Visiting Scholars


Mateus Batistella

Researcher, Brazilian Agricultural Research Organization (Embrapa)

Collaborating Professor, Graduate Program on Environment and Society/UNICAMP

Research Interests: Geotechnologies, landscape ecology, and land change.

Profile: Mateus's research is interdisciplinary: he  focuses on landscape and vegetation ecology, land use and land use change, and research into geospatial innovations for agriculture and the environment


Fábio de Castro
Assistant Professor, Brazilian Studies and Human Ecology, Center for Latin American Research and Documentation, Amsterdam (CEDLA)

Research Interests: Co-management models, ecoutourism, biofuel, protected areas, agroforestry and solidarity economy.

Profile: Fábio’s research focuses on governance of natural resource in Latin America and the dilemma between conservation and development goals at multiple scales.

Ana De Lima

Ana De Lima
Research Associate, CASEL, Indiana University

Research Interests: Amazon, urbanization, population health, tropical fruits and local markets.

Stefano Fiorini

Stefano Fiorini
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, Indiana University

Research Interests: Collaborative management of natural resources and communities' participation in projects for Local sustainable development.

Profile: My main research focus is on collaborative and participatory approaches to the management of natural resources. In this context I particularly look at the impact policies and initiatives of cultural, environmental preservation and sustainable development have in shaping peoples’ relationship with local places and the natural environment.

Célia Futemma

Célia Futemma

Research Scientist and Professor, Center for Environmental Studies and Research (NEPAM) at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

Coordinator,Graduate Program on Environment and Society/UNICAMP (2016-2018)

Geographical Areas of Specialization: Brazil

Research Interests: Human Ecology/Environmental Anthropology, Smallholders and Agriculture/Agroforestry, Commons Heritage and Communities and People and Parks.

Jihyun Kim

Jihyun Kim

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, CASEL, Indiana University

Geographical Areas of Specialization: Massachusetts, North Carolina

Research Interests: Process-based spatially-distributed ecohydrological modeling in forested watersheds estimating the impact of insect-induced mortality on freshwater availability using ecohydrological model and remote-sensing data. Analyzing spatial representativeness of flux-tower measurement and MODIS-albedo product.

Yuri Kim

Yuri Kim
Visiting Scholar, CASEL, Indiana University

Geographical Areas of Specialization: Southeast US

Research Interests: Watershed hydrology and hydrologic modeling. Climate change analysis . Landuse/Landcover change modeling. Water resources forecast under climate and Landuse/Landcover change. Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS)

Gabriel Lui

Gabriel Lui

Project Manager, Ministry of the Environment (Brazil)

Gabriel Lui is Environmental Analyst from the Ministry of the Environment of Brazil, where he worked as Director of Sustainable Rural Development and Manager of National Plans to Control Deforestation. He was visiting scholar at the Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change (ACT), Indiana University, and the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI), University of Leeds, UK. He received his PhD in Applied Ecology from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His research interests include environmental public policies, social benefits and conditional cash transfer programs, land use and land cover change, and rural development.

Kimberly Rogers

Kimberly G. Rogers
Research Associate
, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado Boulder

Research Interests:  Complex delta socioecological systems, multi-scale institutional analysis, environmental governance, sociotechnical systems, coastal and fluvial sediment dynamics.

Profile: I use technical and theoretical tools to (1) disentangle the coupled upstream-downstream interactions between physical dynamics and institutional choice that converge in river deltas and other coastal environments, and (2) examine the collective societal response to these interactions and their unintended feedbacks at both the local and regional scale. Recently my work has focused on built infrastructure as a lens through which smallholder communities perceive, and actively respond to, environmental change.

My approach integrates quantitative and qualitative methods: direct field measurement of sediment transport phenomena, numerical and agent-based models, archival and institutional analyses, stakeholder input, and ethnographic survey techniques.

Combining methods allows us to better understand the complexity arising from multi- and cross-scale physical processes and the governance of sediment and water by communities living on dynamic landscapes.

Sam Schramski

Sam Schramski
Research Associate
, CASEL, Indiana University

Research Interests:  Climate change adaptation in Amazonia; natural resource use in sub-Saharan Africa; climate change perceptions in the Global South.

Note: Sam will become a Research Associate of the Center in August 2017.
Andrea Siqueira

Andrea Siqueira
Adjunct Professor
, Department of Anthropology

Research Interests:  Household Economy, Nutrition and Health, Gender Environmental Anthropology, Community Management and Conservation of Natural Resources, People and Parks, Latin America, Amazonia.

Murilo Zacareli

Murilo Zacareli

Degree Program: Ph.D, International Relations, University of São Paulo

Geographical Areas of Specialization: The Amazon Rainforest

Research Interests: Environmental politics, biodiversity regulation, non-state actors, social-ecological systems, and forest governance with a focus on the social and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

Profile: I am currently investigating the role of non-state actors (the private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations and local communities) in the implementation process of the Convention on Biological Diversity with a focus on the countries that are part of the  Organización del Tratado de Cooperación Amazónica (OTCA).

Note: Murilo will become a CASEL Research Associate as of August 2017.