Amazon Deltas

Vulnerability of River mouth Systems: The case of the Amazon River Delta

Andressa's research focuses on the vulnerability of the Amazon Delta, and in particular the socio-economic patterns that, combined with flood hazards, aggravates the vulnerability of urban dwellers in the Amazon Delta.

Andressa's research collaborates with efforts of the Belmont Forum Project on DELTAS “Catalyzing action towards sustainability of deltaic systems with an integrated modelling framework for risk assessment” towards improving the integrated understanding of delta systems.

As part of her Ph.D. research, she developed a composite index including flood assessment and socio-economic indicators to assess vulnerability in the urban Amazon Delta, which was accepted for publication in Sustainability Science:


Mansur, A. V., E. S. Brondízio, S. Roy, S. Hetrick, N. Vogt, A. Newton "An Assessment of Urban Vulnerability in the Amazon Delta and Estuary: A multi-Criterion Index of Flood Exposure, Socio-Economic Conditions and Infrastructure" Sustainability Science.