Welcome to CASEL lab

The Center for the Analysis of Social-Ecological Landscapes (CASEL) brings together faculty and students from multiple areas of expertise to collaborate on the study of human-environment interaction.

By focusing on landscapes, broadly defined, we encourage a holistic perspective on research that bridges social and environmental sciences, as well as temporal and spatial scales, to advance knowledge on topics of local, regional, and global relevance.

Banner image (above): Intensive acai palm agroforestry systems extends through the Amazon estuary-delta region. | Photo courtesy of Eduardo Brondízio

(1) CASEL graduate student Lucy Miller travels on the Amazon river in Gurupá, Pará, Brazil where she studies issues of rural-urban mobility and development. (2) Deforestation surrounds the Ka’apor Indigenous reserve in the Brazilian Amazon. (3) Brazilian semiarid region where CASEL visiting scholar Amanda Sousa Silvino studies nature conservation as a social construction. Images courtesy of (1) Lucy Miller, (2) Eduardo Brondízio, (3) Amanda Silvino

(1) Everglades National Park; CASEL member Landon Yoder is investigating institutional dimensions of restoring Everglades water quality. (2) Professor Michael McGinnis presents on the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework (IAD) during a CASEL seminar. (3) CASEL research associate Ana de Lima sieving goma (manioc starch) in Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve where she studies rural Amazonian food security. Images courtesy of (1) Wikimedia Commons, (2) Eduardo Brondízio, (3) Ana de Lima