Graduate or mixed level courses

  • Environmental Remote Sensing (GEOG-G336/535)
  • Geographic Information Science (GEOG-G338/538)
  • Advanced Remote Sensing – Digital Image Processing (GEOG-G436/537)
  • Computing in Geospatial Sciences (GEOG-G250/577)
  • GIS & Environmental Analyses (GEOG-G439/639)
  • Applied Spatial Statistics (GEOG-G488/588)
  • Topical Seminar in Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Science (GEOG-G439/639)
  • Water Resources (GEOG-G451/551)
  • Ecohydrology (GEOG-G467/567)
  • Research in Geography (Proposal Development) (GEOG-G501)
  • Physical Climatology (GEOG-G304/532)
  • Climate Change Impacts (GEOG-G444/544)
  • Topics in Climatology (GEOG-G477/577)

Undergraduate courses

  • Environmental Change: The End of the World as We Know It? (GEOG-G185)
  • Cartography and Geographic Information (GEOG-G237)
  • Environmental Change: Nature & Impact (GEOG-G305)
  • Geography of Food (GEOG-G369)


Graduate or mixed level courses

  • Environmental Anthropology (ANTH-E527)
  • Research Design and Proposal Writing in Anthropology (ANTH-E600/G599
  • People and Plants: A Graduate Seminar in Ethnobotany (ANTH-E600/E400)
  • Human Ecology from Space: An Introduction to Remote Sensing in the Social Sciences (ANTH-E600/E400)
  • Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology (ANTH-E606)
  • Food and Culture (ANTH-E421/E621)
  • People & Protected Areas: Conservation in Theory and Practice (ANTH-E444/644)

Undergraduate courses

  • Sustainability and Society (ANTH-E101)
  • Sustainable Agriculture & Trade (ANTH-A205)
  • Anthropology of Food (ANTH-A221)
  • Nature/Culture: Global Perspectives in Environmental Anthropology (ANTH-E318)
  • Peoples of Brazil (ANTH-E322)
  • Food in Communication and Performance (ANTH-E434)
  • Amazonian Cultural Ecology (ANTH-A495)
  • Brazilian and Amazonian Cultural History (ANTH-A495)

Law & Policy

  • Climate Law and Policy (LAW-B506)
  • Advanced Environmental Law and Practice (LAW-B595)
  • Land Use Controls (LAW-B615)
  • Principles of Law and Economics (LAW-B622)
  • Public Natural Resources (LAW-B675)
  • Introduction to Environmental Law (LAW-B782)
  • International Environmental Law (LAW-B783)

School of Public Health

  • Human Health and Natural Environments (SPH-O360)
  • Integrated Resource Management (SPH-O305)