At CASEL, we're working on several concurrent projects

The diversity of expertise and scientific approach among CASEL's faculty, students, and affiliates allows us to work on multiple concurrent projects. The projects listed here provide a sampling of the research conducted by CASEL associates.

Banner image: Lucy Miller (right) helps prepare açaí berries for pulp processing in Gurupá, Pará, Brazil. | Photo courtesy of Lucy Miller

IU emerging areas of research: Sustainable food system science (SFSS)

The integrated approach of this project seeks to understand sustainable food system development, from farm to fork, by studying the leverage points that can be used to build more resilient and sustainable food systems that support food justice, public health and well-being, sustain more livelihoods, and improve civic and community life.

More information: SFSS website

Ancient land-use change in the rural region of Quiechapa, Oaxaca, Mexico

This project documents long-term changes in the ways humans modified and used land in the mountainous rural region of Quiechapa, Oaxaca, Mexico from the Classic to Postclassic Periods (A.D. 200-1521). Badillo's goal is to determine how political and economic transformations and conflict in neighboring urban areas affected rural land-use in southern Oaxaca.

Project contact: Alex Badillo